DCAA Pricing Proposals

DCAA Incurred Cost Submissions (ICS)

Incurred Cost Submissions

As a government contractor, when you perform any cost reimbursable or time and materials contract within a fiscal year you are required to submit an Incurred Cost Submission. At Financial Advisory Systems, PLLC, we understand how time consuming and confusing the process can be and we're here to help. Our CPA firm will prepare your submission and send it to the DCAA and other agencies on your behalf.

We'll make sure the costs included on your submission are carefully calculated in line with DCAA regulations. You can count on us to include all appropriate allowable costs and relevant supporting data. With our oversight, you'll be confident that your submission is accurate and that your business will avoid DCAA audit problems and penalties.

Incurred cost submissions for government contractors:

  • Preparation of incurred cost proposals
  • Identifying unallowable costs
  • Comparing actual costs to billing
  • Calculating indirect cost rates
  • Identifying costs that could trigger an audit
  • Compiling supporting documentation for the submission

If you need assistance with calculation of indirect rates and incurred cost submissions, we invite you to call us now at 571-379-5828. We offer a free consultation for government contractors.