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Deltek Costpoint Accounting System Setup

costpoint accounting setup

At Financial Advisory Systems, PLLC, we specialize in setting up DCAA compliant accounting system for government contractors including Deltek Costpoint. When using Costpoint, the most important step is the first one: setup. Migrating to Costpoint can be tricky when you're not an accountant. If your accounting system isn't configured correctly from the beginning, it can mean hours of work to clean up your data. That's why we perform the initial set up process for you, design your chart of accounts, and ensure costs are tracked accurately in your new accounting system. With us on the job, you'll be confident that your accounting and bookkeeping is compliant with the latest laws and guidelines for government contractors.

Once your system is set up, we will show you exactly how to fully utilize the software so that you always know how to access critical information about your business’ finances. You'll get the valuable financial data you need to control expenses, manage cash flow, and run your business efficiently.

Accounting setup for goverment contractors:

  • Costpoint accounting software setup and migration
  • Assistance creating a project breakdown structure
  • Creating your chart of accounts
  • Help managing cashflow setup
  • Deltek timekeeping support and direction

Our CPA firm offers Deltek Costpoint setup and consulting as part of our accounting packages. Call us at 571-379-5828 or request your free consultation to get started.