DCAA Pricing Proposals

DCAA Cost and Pricing Proposals

Government Contract Proposal Pricing

The ability to formulate competitive contract proposals with solid pricing support is critical to the success of any government contracting business. At Financial Advisory Systems, PLLC, we provide the support you need to ensure all allowable costs are accurately included in your bid along with sufficient supporting data. With our assistance and guidance you will win more government bids and will maximize the profits for your business.

Our specialists will review the terms of the RFQ (Request for Quotation) in order to calculate indirect cost rates, make fee recommendations, and assist you in contract negotiations. We will also help you prepare well-documented forward pricing rates, assess risk, consider staffing needs, and deal with any other questions and costs that come up while preparing a proposal.

Contract proposal and pricing support:

  • Cost proposal preparation
  • Interface with DCAA on your behalf
  • Help staying compliant with FAR requirements
  • Review of RFQ (Request for Quotation)
  • Calculations of direct cost rates
  • Assistance setting up an indirect cost rate structure
  • Preparation of forward pricing rates
  • Risk assessments
  • Overhead rate allocations
  • Calculation of expected profit
  • Contract negotiations assistance

Please call our office at 571-379-5828 to discuss how we can assist you with contract proposals and pricing. We offer a free consultation for government contractors.