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Financial Advisory Systems, PLLC is a Virginia CPA firm that specializes in DCAA compliant accounting support for federal government and DOD contractors. The complex set of rules and standards for accounting on government contracts can be difficult for many businesses to navigate. You can trust our CPA firm to help you get past obstacles and secure bids because we are owned and operated by a former DCAA auditor. We'll show you how to structure your operations for compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and the audit requirements of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). Our extensive experience in accounting for government contractors includes billing systems, indirect cost allocations, incurred cost submissions, and special reporting. With us on your team, you'll be confident that your accounting practices are always up to current government regulations and your contract proposals and rate calculations are accurate and competitive.

We know how important DCAA compliant financials are and how much time it takes to prepare a pricing proposal. Our team will help you calculate your indrect cost rates, prepare the cost proposal, and assist you in negotiating the contract. Call us at 571-379-5828 today and speak to John Beauchemin to learn more or request your free consultation through our website now.

DCAA Government Accounting Proposals

contract proposals

DCAA Cost and Pricing Proposals

We ensure all allowable costs are accurately included in your proposal along with sufficient supporting data.

rate calculations

Rate Calculations for Government Contracts

We supply indirect cost rate calculations that allow your business to recover costs and see the highest profits possible.

incurred cost submissions

Incurred Cost Submissions (ICE)

Preparation of incurred cost submissions including compiling documentation, comparing actual costs to billing, and more.

cloud accounting

DCAA Compliant Accounting Systems

DCAA and FAR compliant accounting systems to accurately track costs for your government contracting business.


Pricing for U.S. Government Contracts (RFQ)

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